MAC VU360™ Resting ECG Workstation 

Smart. Integrated. Secure.  
Innovation with a 360o view of your world

Smart. Integrated. Secure.  
Innovation with a 360o view of your world

Because you demand quality and speed

MAC VU360 Smart Acquisition helps you deliver high ECG quality and speed, even in challenging situations
Up to 60% of hospitals face significant challenges with  duplicate ECGs1

  • Fast high quality ECG’s with fewer repeats

Smart tools.  Smart decisions.

Physicians must have accurate, detailed information to deliver critical diagnoses with speed and confidence. MAC VU360 features the full suite of GE Healthcare's ECG analysis programs.

Your perfect fit

Smart design means form follows function
You said an ECG workstation should be easily adjusted, easy to clean, and easy to maneuver — and that’s exactly what we delivered.

  • Flexible CAM arm to get you closer to your patients (optional)
  • Easy to clean detergent-friendly surfaces. Enhanced fluid ingress protection Improved choice of cleaning solutions
  • MAC VU360 is on average 12% smaller and lighter than its primary competitors*, offering superb maneuverability.
  • Ergonomic, height-adjustable trolley and tilt-able display
  • Smooth, easy-to-clean flat surfaces and enclosed storage

Your Perfect Fit

More flow in your workflow

"I want an ECG workstation that adjusts to my workflow and saves me time."
Over 50% of hospitals want to access MUSE™ or web based CV system as part of their ECG workflow. The MAC VU360 ECG was designed to be a workstation allowing you to access your MUSE and the patient medical history. Enabling you to make faster, more informed cardiac care decisions. At the point of care.

  • Make faster, more informed cardiac care decisions

  • Create an ECG order at the time of the ECG, document critical test results, or close the ECG workflow for billing,

  • Support bi-directional communications in HL7/ADT and DICOM formats to improve ECG

  • Can receive from test acquisition device DICOM Encapsulated PDF, DICOM 12 Lead ECG and General Waveform for local display and transmission

  • Converts test results downloaded to MUSE into DICOM encapsulated PDF or DICOM 12 Lead ECG formats for storage in a DICOM system

  • Supports secure wireless communication

  • Accepts the DICOM Modality Worklist and converts them into orders

  • Maintaining patient data security

  • MAC VU360 - Smart Design

Maximum device availability

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