X-Ray Quality Application

X-ray Quality Application is an on-premise enterprise solution for mobile or fixed x-ray systems, which collects, aggregates, and reports quality assurance data from multiple vendors- providing an intuitive and user-friendly experience that enables users to visualize trends and create targeted training solutions.

GE Healthcare’s X-ray systems are “Getting Connected!” This application connects to new and legacy X-ray systems to populate powerful visualization tools, using machine data, providing valuable intelligence on how X-ray systems are being used. Analyzing machine data for outcomes focused on targeted applications, allows users to detect trends, identify root causes, and implement targeted solutions.

This product leverages the Analytics X-Ray Ingestion Service (AXIS) to automatically/regularly pull and aggregate X-ray system data, across install base systems and over time. The structured data is then provided to GE Healthcare’s analytics framework, Applied Intelligence. Within Applied Intelligence, the data is visualized in the X-Ray Quality Application to provide insights to users on quality assurance (QA) related topics, such as the Repeat/Reject Analytics (RRA) dashboards, Exposure Index/Deviation Index (EI/DI) Dashboards and Quality Assurance Procedure(QAP) Dashboards which help the user to reduce unnecessary radiation dose, meet compliance and audit requirements, and improve technologist training and operational efficiency.

Key Features

  • Drill down to the root causes with visual dashboards.
  • Rely on consistent & comprehensive data collected from multiple sites & systems by our ingestion service.
  • Relieve your busy staff from manual data collection tasks.
  • Eliminate privacy/security risks form USB data transfers
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GE Healthcare
  • AXIS: 2.106.13 Dashboards: 2.115
  • 1.6 gb
Release date
  • 10 December 2019
  • English
Product Tags
X-RayRadiologyWeb AppApplicationDataEfficiency/Cost ReductionInformaticsQuantification & AnalyticsReporting

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