Vscan Extend™ Tricefy™ Uplink App

Archive and share images from your Vscan Extend system with Tricefy™ integrated cloud-based solution.

Key Features
  • Supports easy export of selected images, videos, or exams to Tricefy™ to support ultrasound case communication and collaboration over the cloud.
  • Ultrasound studies are securely archived.
  • Provides instant access to images, clips, and reports for referring physicians, colleagues, or experts.
  • Access your studies anywhere, anytime through current web browsers on your PC, MAC, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Experience how Tricefy™ can benefit your practice with a free 90 day trial. Sign up, activate, and off you go. No upfront costs during this promotional period.
  • Tricefy™ is an integrated cloud-based solution from Trice Imaging. App includes interface to Tricefy™ which is provided separately from Trice Imaging with subscription.
Product line
  • Vscan Family Ultrasound
Compatible devices
  • Vscan Extend
Product number
  • H41212YZ or H41212ZA
  • R2
  • 7.3 MB (download is via the device, directly onto the device)
Release date
  • 26 November 2019
Regional availability
  • English
Product Tags
UltrasoundCardiologyCritical CareIntensive Care Unit (ICU)Primary CareWomen's HealthApplicationWorkflowEfficiency/Cost Reduction

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