Volpara® Density

Volpara® Solutions offers a multi-vendor suite of volumetric breast imaging tools designed to enhance clinical decision making and the early detection of breast cancer.

GE Healthcare offers the VolparaDensity Package, which also includes VolparaDoseRT.


Volpara Density

  • Consistent density readings, no matter the mammography unit or reader
  • Improved productivity by reducing decision time needed
  • Enables immediate consultation with patients about their breast density

Volpara Dose RT

  • Use patient volumetric density to calculate mean glandular dose and standardize the way you measure mammography dose
  • Enables monitoring of system variations and accurately tracks and reports dose

Key Features

  • Standardize breast density assessment
  • Seamlessly integrates into clinical workflow
  • Vendor neutral to provide cross-platform standardization
  • Tomosynthesis system configurations available
Compatible devices
  • Most GE Healthcare Mammography systems
Product number
  • E8341VA
Product Tags
MammographyBreast HealthOncologyWomen's HealthApplicationDataImaging & VisualizationQuantification & AnalyticsWorkflow

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