Tube Watch

Tube Watch is GE Healthcare’s predictive solution that is designed to remotely monitor and predict tube failures before any disruption occurs and repairs systems remotely or at a more convenient time.

What is the cost of an unexpected tube failure?
  • More than 40 average lost scans due to an unexpected tube failure1
  • $64,000 estimated annual value of total revenue losses from tube failure1,2
  • Over 5% increased cost from staff overtime1
Tube Watch delivers peace of mind by converting potential unplanned downtime to planned events helping to avoid patient and staff disruptions and associated revenue loss. It allows proactive part delivery and service scheduling to avoid tube failure and gets the scanner restored. If a tube fails unexpectedly, we guarantee you the full credit of your annual Tube Watch premium.2

How it works:
Monitor remotely for tube health indicators or performance trends.
Predict a potential tube failure before it occurs with predictive algorithms.
Repair systems remotely or at a more convenient time.
Restore the scanner to working order.

  1. Primary market research conducted by GE Healthcare with 10 customers.
  2. Both direct and indirect revenue loss impact
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