TBS iNsight v3.0 software

TBS iNsight™—an advanced, imaging software for bone densitometers (DXA)— enhances the ability to predict osteoporotic fracture risk.

Using AP spine data obtained during routine DXA exams, it produces a complimentary fracture risk parameter based on a determination of bone texture. The result—expressed as a trabecular bone score (TBS)—derives from a patented algorithm that evaluates pixel gray-level and spatial variations in the DXA scan. This provides an indirect, highly correlated index of bone microarchitecture that is independent of bone mineral density (BMD), clinical risk factors and FRAX®.

Key Features

  • Helps reclassify patient fracture risk
  • Enables retrospective analysis of completed DXA scans
  • Displays and prints automatically
  • Fast and easy to use
Compatible devices
  • Prodigy and iDXA. (DPX Series is not supported.) Compatible with enCORE™ software from v.8.10. Please check with your local GE representative for most up to date enCORE software compatibility.
Product number
  • E63701AF and E63701AG
  • TBS iNsight v3.0
Regional availability
Product Tags
Primary CareWomen's HealthBone HealthApplicationDataQuantification & AnalyticsReportingEfficiency/Cost Reduction

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