PROView offers a guided workflow to assess multi-parametric MR prostate exams.

Multi-parametric MR of the prostate is increasingly easy to perform on MR scanners, but the ability to report per medical association guidelines has been challenging, especially in environments where productivity is increasingly critical. 

PI-RADSTM v2 includes structured reporting guidelines and was developed by an international group and published by the American College of Radiology in 2015 to standardize MR evaluation of prostate cancer. 
The PROView workflow includes:
  1. Prostate volume
  2. PSA Density
  3. Lesion(s) mapping to sectors and measurement
  4. Scoring of T2-weighted, diffusion weighted imaging and, when applicable, dynamic contrast enhanced acquisitions

From measurement of prostate and lesion volume, through scoring of lesions and inputting clinical information to form a comprehensive report, PROView offers a simple workflow to assess multiparametric prostate exams.

Key Features

  • Guided workflow with intelligent display based on smart layout to display prostate MR images
  • Measurement tool for prostate volume calculation
  • Flexible options for adding new lesions
  • New sector mapping to localize lesions per guidelines
  • Tool-tip reminders of PI-RADSTM v2 scoring definition
  • Provides additional clinical information through (relative) ROI measurements, curves and color parametric images
Available languages
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Product line
  • AW Advanced Visualization
Compatible devices
  • AW Server 3.2 Ext 3.3
  • AW Workstation V4.7
Product number
  • M81621PVHD
  • Volume Viewer 15 Ext 4
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MRHCD-USOncologyApplicationImaging & Visualization
Available languages
Available languages

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