Robust tools for routine Oncology diagnosis, treatment follow-up, reporting and clinical trial management.

Oncology follow-up exams make most of routine studies. Due to the expanding breadth of data associated with today’s multi-modality, multiple time-point Oncology studies, reviewing these exams can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. AW’s OncoQuantTM application is designed to help organize and display your Oncology data to facilitate your quick review. Both your routine comparisons and advanced clinical evaluations may benefit from the OncoQuantTM workflow to navigate through findings and interact with results.

OncoQuantTM medical diagnostic software streamlines Oncology reading so you can spend less time retrieving studies and preparing exams, and more time reading and reviewing. A true cross-modality Oncology reading platform, OncoQuantTM helps you correlate and compare CT, MR, PET/CT, and 3D X-ray data. It automates workflow to facilitate comparisons over time and makes reviewing follow-up exams efficient. The Oncology Review protocol and follow-up wizard simplify your assessment, characterization and measurement of findings on the basis of morphologic criteria. 
Key Features
  • Automatic registration/synchronization1
  • Intelligent review, comparison, and follow up with dedicated protocols
  • Advanced Visualization tools
  • Summary table

Computed Tomography

OncoQuant Part I - Baseline & Summary Table

 OncoQuant Part II - Follow-up


  1. Integrated Registration option required.
Product line
  • AW Advanced Visualization
Compatible devices
  • Centricity Universal Viewer
  • AW VolumeShare7 Workstation and above
  • AW Server 3 1 and above
Regional availability
  • English
Product Tags
CTMRHCD-USApplicationImaging & Visualization

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