MUSE™ ECG Insights

MUSE™ ECG Insights can help you optimize your cardiology service line to improve clinical and financial outcomes.

MUSE ECG Insights is an analytics application that focuses on ECG processes and workflow. Built on GE Healthcare’s business intelligence platform, ECG Insights provides easy-to-understand dashboards designed to help you turn the revealing data collected by your MUSE system into effective action.
Key Features:
  • Decrease turnaround time
  • Reduce costly duplicate ECGs
  • Optimize patient treatment decisions
  • Improve revenue capture
  • Increase percentage of completed
  • Monitor asset utilization
Product line
  • MUSE Cardiology Information System
Compatible devices
  • MUSE Version 8, and 9
  • v1
Regional availability
  • English
Product Tags
ECG (Diagnostic Cardiology)CardiologyApplicationClinical ImprovementDataEfficiency/Cost ReductionInformaticsOperationsQuantification & AnalyticsReportingWorkflow

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