AI solution for chest x-ray analysis that detects 9 abnormal radiologic findings with 97-99% accuracy.

Lunit INSIGHT CXR accurately detects 9 abnormal radiologic findings in a chest x-ray, which includes atelectasis, calcification, cardiomegaly, consolidation, fibrosis, mediastinal widening, nodule, pleural effusion and pneumoperitoneum. The AI solution generates (1) location information of detected lesions in the form of heatmaps, (2) abnormality scores reflecting the probability that the detected lesion is present, and (3) an AI report that summarizes the analysis result by each finding. The solution is indicated to be directly involved in the primary interpretation process of radiologists or clinicians.

Key Features

  • Accurate and Efficient Reading – 97-99% detection accuracy, max. 20% increase in reading performance
  • Seamless Workflow Optimization – AI analysis results integrated into GE Healthcare Thoracic Care Suite
  • Effective patient triage in COVID-19 settings– Enhanced sensitivity for lung consolidation including GGO, suggestive of COVID-19 infected pneumonia
  • Validated in Major Publications – European Radiology 2019, Radiology 2019, Scientific Reports 2019, JAMA Network Open 2019, Clinical Infectious Diseases 2018, Radiology 2018
Product line
  • Edison™ Open Orchestrator
Compatible devices
  • Centricity PACS
  • Centricity Universal Viewer
Regional availability
  • Selective EU
  • Selective EGM
  • English
Product Tags
Patient MonitoringX-RayPACSNon-GE AppEdison Open AI OrchestratorCritical CarePrimary CareRadiologyApplicationArtificial IntelligencePatient ManagementEfficiency/Cost ReductionWorkflow

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