Koios DS™ Breast

Koios DS™ Breast is the first of its kind FDA-cleared cancer diagnosis software applying AI to breast ultrasound image classification and reporting. Koios DS works as an expert on-demand second opinion for improved accuracy in classifying suspicious lesions and aligning computed risk to a BI-RADS rating and prepopulating diagnostic reports.

Koios DS Breast (Koios) is FDA cleared artificial intelligence for radiology decision support (DS) software for breast ultrasound lesion classification with a patented risk alignment to BIRADS© and automated reporting.  Clinical results include a combination of a reduction in benign biopsies (specificity) with increased early cancer detection (sensitivity).

Koios offers an enterprise-wide, unlimited use annual subscription.  Koios DS works in conjunction with the physician as an expert on-demand second opinion delivered in 2 seconds or less.  The Koios “engine” is an ensemble of algorithms trained on a labeled image dataset that exceeds 450,000 ultrasound images all tied to pathology or 1-year follow-up. 

Koios DS is an on-premise application fully integrated with the GE Centricity PACS viewer.  This AI solution resides on an on-premise provisioned virtual machine (server) on each healthcare institution’s network behind the firewall with no protected health information (PHI) ever leaving the customer network.  Koios DS Breast is also available integrated into the GE LOGIQ E10 ultrasound cart scanner; marketed as “Breast Assist powered by Koios”. 

Koios Medical Virtual Exhibit - Physician User Testimonials from Koios Medical on Vimeo.

Key Feature

  • Clinically proven to have a simultaneous improvement in sensitivity and specificity
  • Seamless integration with both PACS and reporting 
  • On demand clinical second opinion in 2 seconds or less 
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