Invivo® DynaCAD® Prostate

Invivo DynaCAD Prostate empowers radiologists with a comprehensive set of advanced visualization tools for real-time analysis, review, and reporting of prostate studies.

Images can be transferred directly from the MRI to DynaCAD Prostate for automatic processing and customized display. Upon case completion key images, statistical data, and prostate PIRADS reports can be automatically transferred to PACS for archiving. DynaCAD further enhances your multi-parametric approach by calculating color overlay maps based on perfusion characteristics ADC and diffusion values. DynaCAD can process and create ADC and interpolated high b-value image series for your review with a simple menu selection.

Key Features

  • Image registration for correction of patient motion artifacts
  • Single-click volume analysis, lesion statistics and histograms
  • Color overlay based on diffusion ADC values
  • Auto-search for suspicious regions of Interest (ROIs)
  • Reverse fusion display of UroNav biopsy cores
  • Calculated b-value image creation
Compatible devices
  • Most GE Healthcare MR systems
Product number
  • E8819QB and E8819QC
Regional availability
Product Tags
MROncologyApplicationImaging & VisualizationQuantification & AnalyticsWorkflow

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