Interventional Cardiology Insights

Interventional Cardiology Insights is a powerful, easy to use analytics solution that connects directly to Centricity™ Cardio Workflow data to provide rich, key actionable insights to help Cardiovascular Service Line Directors and Interventional Cardiology Managers manage complexity in operations and inventory management within interventional cardiology care areas.

Helps improve what you’re already doing
The Interventional Cardiology Insights application provides a comprehensive set of interactive dashboards to drive operational and financial outcomes improvement. These dashboards, all accessed through any web browser anytime, anywhere can help to enhance organizational decision making, whether in the department or at an enterprise level.

Helps optimize on an ongoing basis
Interventional Cardiology Insights also includes dashboards that cardiovascular service line directors and interventional cardiology managers can leverage as part of their daily, weekly, or monthly routine. These dashboards can help your department regularly ensure you prioritize usage of inventory that is near expiration to eliminate waste, identify trends in low supply usage to reduce inventory overhead costs, monitor adverse events to help improve care and identify data outliers to continuously improve quality data capture.
Key Features
  • Service Line Volume - Provides insight into service line volumes data such as case type & patient class, as well as top 10 procedures and physicians
  • Expiring Materials - Provides ongoing visibility to supply expiration data to help prioritize expiring material and limit material waste
  • Provider Cost Standardization - Identifies physician cost per case as well as average physician cost per case to help benchmark physician usage and identify opportunity for savings
  • Low Material Usage - Optimize material usage by identifying vendor and physicians’ trends with regards to low material usage which helps optimize supply stocking
  • Door to Intervention Time - Provides insight into door to intervention time with the ability to drill down into case details
  • Other dashboards – Executive summary, case workflow, material cost standardization, data quality
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