Imaging Protocol Manager

Imaging Protocol Manager (IPM) is a cloud-based, multimodality, protocol-management solution that provides access, insight, and governance to standardize protocols on medical imaging devices, helping to decrease variance and improve imaging consistency.

IPM helps providers effortlessly deliver the right exam for each patient. By keeping standardized protocols and revisions in one location, IPM also helps simplify the processes of meeting regulatory and accreditation requirements


With this easy-to-use application, healthcare providers can improve consistency across their enterprises by allowing their protocol teams to develop, edit, optimize, manage, download, and standardize protocols for their devices.


How it works

  • Create a standard library of protocols for your CTs and MRs by importing protocols from one or more of your scanners
  • View and modify the protocols as needed, including adding clinical instructions
  • Standardize protocols across your organization by pushing from the cloud to all compatible devices
  • Monitor deviations across your enterprise and re-download standards as needed

For more information, view the IPM product page.

Key Features:

  • Standardize protocols across your enterprise
  • Help with managing accreditation and regulatory compliance
  • Reduce time spent managing protocols
  • Reduce errors from out-of-date or incorrect protocols on scanners
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Product line
  • MR
  • CT
Compatible devices
  • Multiple
Product number
  • K1801LH, K1801P, K1801PA, K1801PB, K1801PC, K1801PD, K1801PE
  • 1.0
Regional availability
Product Tags
CTMRRadiologyApplicationWeb AppEfficiency/Cost Reduction

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