Imaging Insights

Built on GE Healthcare’s Applied Intelligence platform, Imaging Insights provides comprehensive, actionable insights across modalities (MR, CT, X-ray, US, etc.) and multiple vendors by merging data from the machines and the Radiology Information System (RIS).

Obstacles like the lack of visibility to data and insights, increased backlog due to scheduling inconsistencies, inability to link performance with training needs, lack of standardized care across the enterprise, and sub optimum asset utilization are consistent challenges even the most forward-thinking radiology departments face. Imaging Insights helps shine a bright light on your entire imaging operation, providing actionable insights with a focus on operational efficiencies, clinical excellence, and financial growth.


Imaging Insights is a solution that combines analytics and coaching to help radiology management teams achieve their value-based imaging transformation objectives through:

  • Automated and actionable insights to help optimize clinical and operational performance.
  • Unique insights built on data collected from machine (multivendor/multimodality) and the Radiology Information System (RIS) and deployed, managed, and supported through GE Healthcare's Applied Intelligence platform.
  • Customer Success Engagement to drive change, support success, and deliver outcomes.

Imaging Insights allows you to make better decisions for better outcomes.

By updating regularly and correlating multiple data sources into one consolidated view, Imaging Insights keeps imaging departments well informed, allowing them to focus on optimizing operational efficiencies, clinical excellence, and financial growth.


Operational efficiencies that drive productivity

  • Helps optimize exam duration and procedure scheduling which can increase throughput and reduce backlog
  • Helps identify variations in practices and staff performance for training opportunities

Clinical excellence to drive compliance guidelines

  • Helps identify variations; standardize and optimize protocols to drive consistency of care
  • Enable dose management practices to meet regulatory/compliance guidelines by identifying variations of dose levels

Improve financial growth by attracting more patients and referrals

  • Identify opportunities to improve referral management and examination mix
  • Benchmark trends by hour/day/week for asset mix optimization opportunities and capital planning
  • Monitor the quality of service delivered to the patient and the provider

We’re committed to customer success

To help you make full use of Imaging Insights, our Customer Success Engagement program assigns a dedicated Customer Success Manager to engage with your team frequently to assist with Imaging Insights adoption. This support includes defining the vision, governance mechanisms, and KPIs, as well as recommending actions and next steps.


Monthly touchpoints

Help define the vision and governance, build an action plan, and monitor success


Analytics expert

Assists with identifying insights and improvement opportunities


Resource coordination

Clinical education specialists, technical support, and other resources can be engaged as needed to help ensure success


Imaging Insights. Real results.

Radiomed realized results1 implementing practices changes through a combination of Imaging Insights data intelligence and the human expertise of our included customer enablement team:

  • 36.5% increase in number of exams per week2
  • 4 week reduction in patient wait times
  • $320k additional revenue per year from increased number of exams per week

Key Features

  • Equipment Utilization: Identify variations in equipment usage
  • Protocols: Protocol standardization and optimization
  • Schedule: Throughput and backlog improvements
  • Dose: Monitor dose level and compliance
  • Staff: Training needs and opportunities
  • Patient Experience: Identify and reduce wait time


  1. Results listed here are of this specific customer and may not be typical. Results are based on factors specific to each customer. GE cannot guarantee these or similar results.
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