Hepatic VCAR

Hepatic VCAR provides a complete reading workflow solution for identifying liver lesions, obtaining liver volumes, associating vasculature to corresponding lesions and sharing the results with surgeons and referring clinicians.

Liver disease is a major cause of morbidity and mortality globally. Liver cancer is currently the 3rd most common primary cancer, as well as a common site for metastatic disease. Detection and treatment monitoring of liver lesions requires measurement and change monitoring tools. In addition, planning for surgical resection requires the determination of the total liver, liver lobe or a liver segment volume.   

Hepatic VCAR will identify and organize multi-phase abdominal CT to ease the reading process.   Hepatic VCAR will assist with visualizing and measuring liver, liver segments and liver lesions and associate tumor burden according to each of the segments. Full integration with GE Spectral CT allows for use with GSI data to further extract material density information within the application.  Generate images and quantitative measurements to build your clinical report with all the relevant information for your referring physicians to act upon.  

Key Features:

  • Intuitive tools to generate liver segments.
  • Integration with Spectral CT allows for quantification of Iodine to aid in lesion characterization when used with GSI datasets.

Computed Tomography

Hepatic VCAR Part I - Basic Review, Lesion & Liver Segmentation

Hepatic VCAR Part II – Segment Separation

Hepatic VCAR Part III - Portal Vein Segment Separation & VR Compare

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Product line
  • AW Advanced Visualization
Compatible devices
  • AW Server 3.2 Ext 3.3
  • AW Workstation V4.7
Product number
  • B79821HCHD
  • Volume Viewer 15 Ext 4
Regional availability
  • English
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CTOncologyApplicationImaging & Visualization

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