Embo ASSIST with Virtual Injection

Simulate your embolization procedure with Virtual Injection

Embo ASSIST1 with Virtual Injection, powered by Edison, is a 3D Visualization software solution designed to help clinicians simulate injections dynamically and thus perform embolization procedures with confidence.

Multiple image acquisitions are often necessary to analyze complex vasculature, increasing radiation dose, contrast media usage and procedure time.

Embo ASSIST with Virtual Injection, powered by Edison, is a 3D visualization software solution designed to help clinicians simulate injections dynamically, and thus perform embolization procedures with confidence.

Designed to provide
One-click segmentation of vascular anatomy from CBCT acquisition

Designed to visualize & anticipate
The destination of potential injections

Designed to augment
Live imaging with 3D overlays of selected vessels

Embo ASSIST with Virtual Injection is designed to:

  • Aid clinicians to visualize and anticipate the destination of potential injections.
  • Help to develop a strong PAE program.


  • PLAN
    Designed to analyze pelvic vasculature and extract the prostatic arteries on 3DCT HD2 in one click.
    Goal is to plan your embolization strategy by simulating dynamically different pathways and injection points.
    Export the 3D model of selected potential embolization pathways for 3D fusion guidance.
    Navigate through tortuous anatomies with the help of Digital Zoom3.
    Visualize distal vessels and blushes with 3DCT HD to confirm catheter location before embolization.



  • PLAN
    With 3DCT HD2 and Split Phase4, visualize arterial and venous phase details.
    Developed to automatically track vessel pathways to anticipate navigation challenges.
    Designed to allow you to dynamically test embolization strategies with Virtual Injection and define optimal catheter positions.
    Export automatically segmented vessels and landmarks of potential embolization points for augmented-3D fusion guidance.
    Overlay them on live fluoroscopy on the frontal or lateral plane.
    Visualize the embolized vessels in 3D and their relationship to the other structures with 3DCT HD subtracted.


Embo ASSIST solution includes FlightPlan For Embolization, Vision 2, VesselIQ Xpress, Autobone Xpress and requires AW workstation with Volume Viewer, Volume Viewer Innova. These applications are sold separately. Not available for sale in all regions.
3DCT HD is an option sold separately. Includes 3DXR. Requires AW workstation and Volume Viewer. Available only on Innova IGS 5, Innova IGS 6, Discovery IGS 7 and Discovery IGS 7 OR.
The live image display screen of the IGS x-ray system is the reference screen for fluoroscopy during an interventional procedure
Split Phase is a GE created customized protocol which requires Volume Viewer. Application sold separately

Product line
  • AW Advanced Visualization
Compatible devices
  • AW Server
  • AW Workstation
Regional availability
  • US
  • Canada
  • English
Product Tags
MRHCD-USRadiologyVascularApplicationImaging & Visualization

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