Edison Open AI Orchestrator

Edison Open Al Orchestrator facilitates quick deployment and management of Al and non-AI based clinical applications in enterprise imaging workflows.

Open AI Orchestrator is part of GE Healthcare’s Edison family, and is designed to seamlessly integrate clinical applications into the radiology reading workflow. It also provides a flexible, unified solution to allow organizations to quickly deploy Al-based clinical algorithms and optimize workflow processes. 

By way of a visual workflow editor, it explicitly documents the implemented care process and required parameters of operation. It efficiently manages these applications along with their execution and dataflows by orchestrating the interoperation with various imaging devices, data stores and other information technology systems.

To assist in assessment and optimization by clinicians vs. IT personnel, Edison Open AI Orchestrator provides comprehensive administration interfaces in addition to the visual workflow editor, facilitating easy management of multiple AI solutions from any number of vendors. That means personnel can understand and build trust with AI algorithms before committing to large scale deployment. It can also help reduce the complexity of multiple systems and algorithms working together that could lead to error and risk if implemented incorrectly.

Key Features

  • Efficiently manage and integrate AI and non-AI enabled processes encompassing imaging workflows
  • Easily manage rules governing use of AI applications, parameters of operation and other interoperability with external systems
  • Provide a way to instrument and subsequently improve the workflow process
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