Edison™ Datalogue™

Edison Datalogue is a Vendor Neutral Archive solution that image-enables your EMR to provide holistic patient imaging and multi-media patient records to help enhance clinician productivity and patient outcomes.

Edison Datalogue solution:

  • Enables a holistic view of the patient image records that will help to streamline your workflows, increase operational efficiency and financial performance.
  • Designed to be secure and vendor-neutral; promote uninterrupted workflow across the care delivery network with your existing IT solutions.
  • Provides actionable insights from enterprise data, enabling analytics-based operational, financial, and clinical decision making.
  • Helps to ensure high data quality to provide a platform for the evolution of your healthcare’s infrastructure.
  • Connects your healthcare organization to your community and provides advanced coordination, business intelligence and a patient-centric, enterprise-wide imaging record to your healthcare providers and administration.

Key Features

  • Multi-ology, multi-site clinical content repository
  • Scalable & highly redundant infrastructure
  • Image life cycle management (ILM)
  • Dynamic and static tag morphing
  • Location agnostic information access for physicians
  • Mobile image acquisition application
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GE Healthcare
Product line
  • Enterprise Imaging
Compatible devices
  • CCA 7.0
Release date
  • 21 December 2019
Regional availability
  • English
Product Tags
MRX-RayHCD-USRadiologyCardiologyCritical CareOncologyPrimary CareStrokeBreast HealthGastroenterologyIntensive Care Unit (ICU)Interventional RadiologyNeurologyPediatricsPneumologySurgeryVascularWomen's HealthApplicationIT ServicesArchivingDataInformaticsImaging & VisualizationEfficiency/Cost ReductionQuantification & AnalyticsPatient Management

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