Dual Energy Subtraction

In less than a few seconds, Dual Energy Subtraction helps the detection of abnormalities that may have been obscured by bones in a conventional radiograph.

Rather than relying solely on algorithmic image processing, two images at different energy levels are acquired less than 160 milliseconds apart. Process and view the image as a standard radiographic image, a soft tissue only image with bones "subtracted," and an image of just the bones to highlight foreign objects or calcified structures. This results in three displayed images: standard, soft tissue only and bones only.

Dual Energy Subtraction is delivered within the Helix™ advanced image processing chain, delivering improved consistency despite variations in exposure technique and challenging exam conditions.

Key Features

  • Enables physicians to remove the bones from standard radiographs
  • Clearly visualizes calcified information for a given abnormality
  • Acquires 2 images, taken less than 160 milliseconds apart, delivering 3 high-quality images
Compatible devices
  • Discovery XR656 HD
  • Optima XR646 HD
Regional availability
Product Tags
X-RayRadiologyApplicationImaging & Visualization

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