Enterprise system for the management of patient radiation exposure and contrast dose from medical imaging procedures.

A comprehensive dose management program requires a well-designed low dose strategy, devices, and technologies.

DoseWatch, the solution with integrated radiation and contrast dose management across all your radiation emitting medical devices, supports your institution in driving better-informed, patient-centered, and effective care. It simplifies your efforts to optimize patient dose by automatically detecting outliers, providing insight into their root causes, and documenting their review.

This involves close collaboration among your entire team, from the technologists operating the equipment, to the radiologists reading the scan, to the medical physicists evaluating protocols.

How It Works

DoseWatch automatically detects outliers in dosing data and provides insight into their root causes, while easily documenting these anomalies for review.

Using the picture archiving and communication system (PACS) and your medical devices, DoseWatch captures, tracks, and reports radiation and contrast dose across modalities and manufacturers. The following modalities are currently supported on DoseWatch:

  • CT systems
  • Contrast injection systems1
  • Interventional Radiology (IR) systems
  • Cardio-Vascular (CV) systems
  • Mammography systems
  • Radiography systems
  • Surgical/mobile C-arms
  • Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging systems2


  • Drive Awareness
    • Get dose notifications early and often to identify outliers in patient dose data
  • Enhance workflow
    • Improve workflow through access to patient dose history and integrated EMRs
  • Maintain compliance
    • Promote compliance with national dose reference level (DRLs)
  • Optimize patient experience
    • Get high-quality images at the lowest possible radiation dose




Drive better-informed, patient-centered care

Delivering high quality patient care is a top priority. Incorporating DoseWatch 3.1 into your imaging practices ensures it stays that way––with state-of-the-art technology that helps clinicians use appropriate radiation levels and deliver better-informed, patient-centered, and effective care.

4D Skin Dose Map3
DoseWatch 3.1 provides an interactive tool to support the post-procedure review conducted by the interventional imaging physician or medical physicist as they perform their comprehensive assessment of skin injury risk.

Organ dose dosimetry technology from Duke University3
This module estimates organ dosages based on licensed dosimetry technology developed by Duke University. Using the XCAT phantom library of patient models, it gives an absorbed dose estimation based on Duke University’s algorithm.

Dose to Fetus
DoseWatch 3.1 allows clinicians to take a closer look at the impact of radiation on pregnant patients with the new Dose to Fetus feature. This feature simplifies and standardizes estimates of fetal radiation exposure by automatically incorporating factors like the mother’s measurements and fetal depth.

Key Features
  • Automated archiving of radiation and contrast dose
  • Automated outlier identification and alerts
  • Automated fetal dose estimation
  • Automated post-exam peak skin dose estimation
  • Automated post-exam 4D skin dose mapping
  • Automated organ dose and reporting
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