CT Smart Subscription

A CT that keeps getting better.

A CT that keeps getting better
Every patient you see expects you to care for them with the latest in healthcare technology. While the pace of CT innovation is as fast as it’s ever been, varying priorities within healthcare systems are making it harder for you to find the capital to keep up. Introducing Smart Subscription, the industry’s first subscription-based service for CT applications. Smart Subscription helps solve the oldest challenge with buying imaging equipment: every time you buy a new system, you’re locked in to its capabilities even as new capabilities become available. Smart Subscription overcomes this challenge by making it possible to automatically keep your entire fleet of CT systems up to date.

A CT that’s always improving
Smart Subscription helps you avoid obsolescence by providing the latest upgrades and updates to your CT capabilities as soon as they’re available. Instead of a CT that starts to “fall behind” technologically from the time you order it, you get a CT that’s always getting better.

How It Works:

We’ve made it effortless to stay current
You shouldn’t have to wait for the release of a new CT to access the latest applications. We think it’s time to break that connection. Manufacturers of consumer technologies have made it possible to keep the model you already have and still get the same operating system upgrade that’s on the latest model. Oftentimes, overnight. Smart Subscription works off of the same principle. Your CT applications are no longer tied to the physical hardware. Smart Subscription takes them all up into the cloud and automatically updates them in the background. You can start every day, on any CT, knowing you’ll be working with the latest clinical applications.

Subscription Plans
Pick the plan that’s right for you:
Everyone starts with the Base Package. Then, you can choose to add additional packages individually or subscribe to the Unlimited Edition for access to all seven packages*. Regardless of which plan you choose, it all adds up to one low annual fee for each CT system.

*Please note that not all packages are commercially available yet.
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Compatible devices
  • Revolution CT
  • Revolution CT ES
  • Revolution EVO
  • Optima CT660
Regional availability
  • English
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