Critical Care Suite

Critical Care Suite* automatically analyzes images upon acquisition on a GE x-ray system, for critical findings (pneumothorax), producing triage notifications to be send directly to PACS without having to route images to an edge server or cloud AI solution.

Critical Care Suite1 (CCS) is a computer aided triage artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm designed to analyze frontal chest X-ray images acquired on a digital X-ray system and employs a collection of on-device AI algorithms intended to identify and flag images to technologists that are suspicious for quality issues, and to radiologists for suspicious critical findings (Pneumothorax). CCS produces an on-screen notification 15 minutes after exam closure when a critical finding is detected and flags cases with suspicion of a critical finding (Pneumothorax)2.  CCS provides this critical AI finding to Radiologists at PACS in the form of a secondary DICOM capture and enables PACS worklist prioritization by encoding the critical AI finding information into 1 of 8, user-selectable public DICOM tags that can be used by a Radiologist to prioritize their reading without disrupting clinical workflow(s).

Quality Care Suite

Quality Care Suite contains 3 algorithms: Intelligent Protocol Check, Intelligent Field of View, and Intelligent Auto Rotate.

  • Intelligent Auto Rotate determines the rotation angle of a chest image and auto-rotates the image for proper display (head-up).
  • Intelligent Protocol Check detects if the acquired image is a frontal chest X-ray. The user receives a notification if a mismatch exists between the image acquisition protocol and the acquired image, thus enabling the technologist to determine if the image needs to be repeated or reprocessed before sending to PACS.
  • Intelligent Field of View accurately detects whether the lung field is complete in a frontal chest X-ray. If the model identifies that the lung field is incomplete, a notification is provided to the user.


* Note: the information provided on this form relates only to the 510(k) cleared version of Critical Care Suite.

  1. May not be available in all markets. Consult with your sales representative.
  2. Disclaimer: The technologist on-device notification is generated after a delay, post exam closure, and it does not provide any diagnostic information, nor is it intended to inform any clinical decision, prioritization, or action.
Key Feature:
  • On-device artificial intelligence
  • AI powered automated quality checks
  • Enables worklist prioritization
  • AI results sent to PACS
  • AI algorithms help triage
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Compatible devices
  • Optima XR646 HD
  • Discovery XR656 HD
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  • English
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