ClearRead™ CT

ClearRead CT automatically detects and measures properties of solid, part-solid, and ground-glass nodules, suppressing normal structures in chest CTs to reduce nodule search time and improve the accuracy of nodule identification.

Riverain Technologies™ ClearRead™ CT is the first FDA-cleared system for the automatic detection of all lung nodule types. The Vessel Suppress series gives users access to a truly unique technology that aids in improving reading accuracy and efficiency. This enterprise-wide solution delivers automatic nodule detection, measurements, and comparison data. ClearRead CT provides unprecedented detection of solid, part-solid, and ground-glass nodules.

ClearRead CT is the first computer-aided detection device to demonstrate both improved reading efficiency and accuracy simultaneously. In an independent reader study1 that included solid, part-solid, and ground-glass nodules, ClearRead CT helped radiologists detect 29% of previously missed actionable nodules and improved reading efficiency by 26% compared to standard reading protocols, including use of MIPs.

Key Features

  • ClearRead CT | Vessel Suppress produces a secondary series with vessels and other normal structures within the lungs suppressed, while retaining nodules. The Vessel Suppress series gives users access to a truly unique technology that aids in improving reading accuracy and efficiency. The processed series can be easily linked with the original CT series for synchronized scrolling. Vessel Suppress not only enables improved nodule detection by eliminating obscuring normal structures, it also supports improved nodule characterizations for all nodule types. Improved characterization derives in part from precise segmentation of nodule boundaries. Aside from volumetrics, the Vessel Suppress series enables a unique view on non-solid nodules.

  • ClearRead CT | Detect leverages the vessel-suppression series to locate and characterize suspected nodules, enabling transparent, automatic measurements. The image above shows the detection and characterization of a ground-glass nodule. Detect provides measurements related to each detected region of interest: location, type, volume, maximum axial plan diameters, minimum axial plan diameter, and average density in Hounsfield units.

1 Lo, S. B., Freedman, M. T., Gillis, L. B., White, C. S., & Mun, S. K. (2018). JOURNAL CLUB: Computer-Aided Detection of Lung Nodules on CT With a Computerized Pulmonary Vessel Suppressed Function. American Journal of Roentgenology, 210(3), 480–488. doi: 10.2214/ajr.17.18718.

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