Centricity™ Universal Viewer Native Breast Imaging

Native Breast Imaging is an optional upgrade to Centricity™ Universal Viewer that supports mammography screening and diagnostic workflows – removing barriers to efficiency, while helping radiologists achieve their goal of high quality patient care.

Native capability with the Centricity™ Universal Viewer now supports mammography screening and diagnostic workflows, which can support the reduction of costs associated with procuring and operating dedicated mammography workstations1. With the ability to utilize other patient priors (including CT, MRI, and Digital Breast Tomosynthesis) in the diagnosis as well as other patient reports such as clinical notes and pathology reports. Centricity™ Universal Viewer helps to support a more confident diagnosis while speeding up your reading time2.

Centricity™ Universal Viewer provides native access to breast imaging workflows and tools to support screening and diagnostic workflows and the display of multi-vendor images. The breast imaging capabilities provide the radiologist with access to and the ability to read all image types available for the patient on the same workstation. This helps reduce the need to maintain separate, stand-alone workstations and specialized systems.

One significant and cost saving benefit of the Universal Viewer native breast imaging capability is that the solution can be deployed on just two monitors: A normal resolution monitor to support the workflow or RIS application, EMR and dictation/voice reporting systems, and one or more high resolution monitors to display mammogram-specific modality images and relevant comparison images such as breast Ultrasound or breast MR images. Centricity™ Universal Viewer also takes full advantage of color displays to provide color enabled overlays, CAD marks, labels and other clinical information for increased readability and detectability.

Image types supported include mammography, tomosynthesis, breast MR, breast ultrasound, and Contrast Enhanced Spectral Mammography, following IHE profiles (integration profiles) for mammography and tomosynthesis images. Non-breast images available in the system can be displayed to help provide clinical context. Universal Viewer allows Radiologists and Cardiologists to view all image types to help enhance diagnosis and treatment recommendations.


  1. Through simplification of IT infrastructure
  2. Rafferty EA, Park JM, Philpotts LE, et al. Assessing Radiologist Performance Using Combined Digital Mammography and Breast Tomosynthesis Compared with Digital Mammography Alone: Results of a Multicenter, Multireader Trial. Radiology. 2013;266(1):104-113. doi:10.1148/radiol.12120674.

Key Features

  • Mammography Imaging specific toolbar
  • Enhances the speed of your read with prior and current image, layouts for quick comparisons, intuitive tomo scrolling, quadrant zoom and zoom+pan combined mouse action
  • Can program shortcuts for user, group or system level preferences
  • Stable scaling algorithms to scale images the same size, even across vendors
  • Customizable annotation overlays
  • Supports color monitors
Product line
  • Centricity
Compatible devices
  • Centricity PACS
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  • N/A
  • English
Product Tags
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