Centricity™ Universal Viewer

Web-based radiology and cardiology diagnostic viewer for Centricity PACS (picture archiving & communication system) and Edison Datalogue (vendor neutral archive).

Embrace the Power of One Intelligent Diagnostic Viewer

Imaging provides a crucial gateway to patient care and serves as an essential touchpoint for clinicians. Centricity™ Universal Viewer helps to enable that—by giving you the power of one unified, web-based diagnostic viewer that supports your natural workflow, facilitates faster and smarter decision making, and helps you stay focused on what’s most important: patient outcomes. 

With Centricity™ Universal Viewer 7.0, GE Healthcare delivers a powerful unified workspace for radiologists, cardiologists and other clinicians. Centricity™ Universal Viewer brings together intelligent tools, enhanced usability and access, advanced visualization, breast imaging and cardiology image review and analysis. Unlike disparate PACS and 3D systems, Centricity™ Universal Viewer helps to increase efficiency and simplify information access with a single application for 2D, basic 3D and advanced image analysis applications thus enabling holistic radiology, cardiology, oncology, and other specialty work flows.

Centricity™ Universal Viewer also provides advanced cardiac analysis1, including DSA, a 2D/M-Mode/
Doppler/stress echocardiography measurement package, a vascular ultrasound measurement package, and advanced 3D/4D echo analysis tools. As Centricity™ Universal Viewer is web-based, these tools are all accessible irrespective of the user’s location. 


Centricity™ Universal Viewer provides an enterprise imaging solution with the flexibility to meet your organization’s needs. Depending on your budget and plan, the solution can be implemented as a full enterprise solution, or as a radiology or cardiology departmental solution, and easily expanded when you are ready. Configurations are available for installation in a virtual environment to help organizations optimize data center space.

Organizations trust Centricity™ Solutions for Enterprise Imaging because GE Healthcare delivers high-quality service, reliability, and technology innovation, which allows providers to help reduce the cost of ownership today while preparing for the challenges of the future.

Helps Optimize Productivity 
Centricity™ Universal Viewer is designed to optimize your productivity and lower clinical costs by:

  • Helping to improve clinical workflows by providing a central, intuitive workspace that makes it easy to organize, prioritize, and manage exams.
  • Providing access a wider range of images and clinical information through a single viewer that connects seamlessly to other third-party systems and sources of information.
  • Supporting faster, more informed decisions with advanced efficiency tools that help clinicians find, view, and leverage data for more informed interpretations.
  • Providing a means to find, review, and analyze images from multiple modalities in one convenient application, without the need for dedicated workstations, including 2D, 3D, 4D, and other advanced image formats.

For more information, view the CentricityTM Universal Viewer product page.


  1. Advanced analysis tools provided TomTec Arena or GE Healthcare’s EchoPAC™ Plug In

Key Features:

  • Intelligent Productivity Tools with Optional AI-Application workflow via Edison Open AI Orchestrator
  • Workflow Manager with Intelligent Worklists, Interrupted and academic workflow design, and rules based exam assignment
  • Diagnostic hub with optional AI results and EHR Connectivity to put Clinical, Surgical and Pathology notes in the workflow
  • Optional Native Breast Imaging module
  • Supports Cross Enterprise and Clinical Access
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