Centricity™ Cardio Enterprise

Centricity™ Cardio Enterprise* an integrated Cardiovascular PACS (CVPACS) and Information System (CVIS) that bridges the gaps between cardiovascular service lines to provide a single point of access for patient data, waveforms, image analysis and physician reporting – combined with powerful end-to-end management, analytics and workflow tools.

Comprehensive Workflows bring order to a complex care area
Every cardiovascular department relies on a complex mix of devices, systems, and tools to care for their patients. Centricity™ Cardio Enterprise helps to ensure these pieces work together across cardiovascular care pathways by providing a unified view of cardiovascular images, with customizable workflows and the ability to view related radiology images. We collaborated with leading physicians to create out-of-the-box clinical content that helps streamline installations, which continues to be refined as we deploy Centricity™ Cardio Enterprise across the globe. A modular architecture and licensing model allow Centricity™ Cardio Enterprise to scale to organizational needs. 

Key Features: 

  • Cardiovascular Care Pathway Management - Unify the Cardiovascular care pathway by removing silos to provide a single point of access for waveforms, structured data, reports, images and advanced analysis & workflow tools
  • Simplify Structured Reporting - Out-of-the-box clinical content combined with quick report templates and visual indicators to help guide physicians to faster and compliant documentation while achieving relevant accreditation and supporting appropriate use criteria
  • Imaging Tools - Provides seamless access to advanced image analysis tools in a single scalable solution with unified access to cardiology and radiology images
  • Complement the EMR - A comprehensive set of powerful interfaces help eliminate the need for a cardiologist, nurse, or technologist to use multiple systems when caring for patients
  • Intelligent Reporting1 - Leverage a rules-based AI engine to prepopulate adult echo reports based on measurement values providing an 83% complete report before the physician opens the exam2
  • Drive Actionable Insights - Interactive dashboards with the ability to drill down to help drive clinical, operational and financial outcomes improvement


         * Centricity™ Cardio Enterprise is a combination of Centricity™ Cardio Workflow and Centricity™ Universal Viewer

  1. Available within the Adult Echo Module only
  2. Centricity™ Cardio Workflow v7 Intelligent Reporting out-of-the-box configuration compared to 2017 IAC guidelines excluding doppler
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  • Cardiovascular IT
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