Carestation Insights OR Workflow

The Carestation Insights OR Workflow application supports your OR efficiency initiatives by leveraging high fidelity data streams from your OR and advanced algorithms to provide the current status of all operating rooms and tracking of efficiency metrics so you don’t have to rely on manual communication methods or data entry.

Time translates directly to revenue and patients cared for. Every minute wasted in the OR can cost up to $601, which can add up fast. Workflow and scheduling issues can reduce OR utilization by 10%2 or 250 cases per OR/year. If you are seeking to maximize OR efficiency, or to increase OR utilization, you need real time visibility both to current cases, and retrospectively to track changes over time to know the impact of your strategies. But when the most advanced current systems rely on manual entry of data, or still require manual communication steps like a page or a phone call, there remain too many variables that are error prone and can slow you down.

The Carestation Insights OR Workflow application determines the current status of each room and each case algorithmically.  It then displays that in a simple visualization of your ORs, arranged so that the ones you should pay attention to are at the top. Clinician interactions with the machine, along with the patient’s response to those interactions, are analyzed – not only to determine whether or not a machine is in use, but also to determine the current phase of the case (induction, maintenance or emergence). From these algorithms, efficiency statistics such as utilization, turnover time, first case starts, case volume and time spent in each phase of anesthesia are calculated, displayed and tracked over time. This can be further simplified with a single overall efficiency score that is calculated based on customizable weights assigned to each of the efficiency metrics.

The Carestation Insights OR Workflow application gives you the information you need, obtained and calculated without any manual intervention. The algorithms are made possible by the high-fidelity breath-to-breath data from the Aisys CS2 anesthesia machine. The results of which can be used so the rooms you need to prioritize next for turnover are known, the bed in PACU is ready as the patient is ending the case in the OR, or the anesthesia supervisor understands where their patients are in the case. Get information you can trust, and always have it available at your fingertips. Find the bottleneck and open it up with the Carestation Insights OR Workflow application.

Key Features

  • See current status of cases from outside the OR
  • Confidently determine which room to turn over next
  • Ensure the recovery bed needed by the patient is ready ahead of time
  • Track a single efficiency score over time
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