Carestation Insights Checkout

The Carestation Insights Checkout application helps support your quality and operations goals by providing a view of the anesthesia machine checkout status across your department to ensure readiness for the start of surgery.

Carestation Insights Checkout application provides you with a simple but powerful view of the checkout status of all your connected Aisys CS2 anesthesia machines. The data is automatically extracted from the anesthesia machine itself, so the app tracks the result of the actual checkout, not if a person entered something into an external computer system. As soon as you finish the checkout on the machine, the app will update with the status. This provides the person responsible for the checkouts with an easy method of ensuring all machines are completed, and gives piece of mind to the attending clinician in the room that the machine is ready before they even enter. Using this information over time, hospitals can measure and manage compliance to machine checkout procedures to help support operations and quality programs.

Key Features:

  • Help support operations and quality programs
  • Remove machine readiness as factor in OR delays
  • Visibility into machine checkout status
  • View all machines in one simple view
  • Automate collection of the device status
  • Provide historical analysis over time
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  • Carestation Insights
Compatible devices
  • Aisys CS2 v11 anesthesia machine
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  • English
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