Carestation Insights

Carestation Insights is a cloud-based suite of analytics applications that analyzes breath-to-breath perioperative data to find actionable insights that help clinicians drive improved outcomes.

The Operating Room (OR) is truly the heart of the hospital, generating more than 60% of the hospital’s revenue and 35% of its costs1. More importantly, what happens in the OR can have a substantial impact on patients, both directly after their procedures and for years following. Focusing on improvements in your OR can have substantial cost and care quality impacts in many areas.


In an increasingly complex and fast paced environment, it is becoming challenging to continue to provide superior care quality. Expectations to do more with less are the norm. Where, how, and by whom anesthesia is performed is changing. Simultaneously, patients are getting older and sicker. Cases are getting more complicated. And often, advancements in medical technology only increase that complexity.


What should you focus on and how can it be improved? How do you turn an initiative with good intentions into one that delivers results? Without a window into the OR, knowing what or how you are doing is difficult, and many times performance is assumed. On top of this, even with the best intentions, behavior change that is necessary to improve in any of these areas is very hard – evidence-based research takes 17 years to achieve just 50% adoption in clinical practice2. A big reason for this is a lack of visibility or adequate measurement of what is actually happening. Because of that, there’s a need for a solution that connects what you are doing at your institution with the outcome you are trying to drive in a way that encourages improvements. We address these challenges head on.


Carestation Insights is a cloud-based suite of analytics applications that unlock actionable insights from high fidelity data. Aisys CS2 is a state-of-the-art, fully digital anesthesia machine engineered to capture and stream hundreds of data points with every patient breath. Together, they form an ecosystem that helps you make data driven decisions to improve patient care.

We recognize that in isolation, an anesthesia machine is limited in solving problems and driving change. This is why we developed a solution that connects all of your machines together to provide visibility into ORs across your health system. Carestation Insights uses advanced algorithms to analyze automatically extracted breath-to-breath data and provider-machine interactions from every OR, with no manual data entry required. Information to help you improve a specific aspect of care can then be accessed on virtually any computer or mobile device, so you can manage adoption and drive change as a team.



How it works

  1. The Aisys CS2 anesthesia machine automatically outputs 300+ data points every breath directly to your network
  2. A small cloud gateway appliance captures the breath-to-breath data from multiple anesthesia devices, de-identifies and encrypts and streams it to the GE Health Cloud
  3. Advanced algorithms, leveraging the cloud’s computing power, ingest, organize, and interpret the streaming data to generate useful results that drive a particular outcome
  4. Results are displayed in an app that can be accessed via virtually any computer or mobile device

In order to have an immediate impact, we’ve focused on some of the OR’s biggest challenges, and developed simple and focused applications to give you the visibility necessary to drive strategies for improvements in these areas.


Lung Protective Ventilation Application

The Carestation Insights Lung Protective Ventilation application is designed to help you implement and maintain a lung protective ventilation strategy, which may lead to a reduction in post-operative pulmonary complications.

View details here

Agent Cost Application

The Carestation Insights Agent Cost application is used to support implementation, tracking, and to quantify the impact of your low flow strategy to reduce anesthetic agent waste, which can save money and decrease your environmental impact.

View details here

Checkout Application

The Carestation Insights Checkout application supports your room readiness and compliance initiatives. Track which machines are ready for a case and know when a machine was last checked out before walking into the OR.

View details here

OR Workflow Application

The Carestation Insights OR Workflow application supports your OR efficiency initiatives by leveraging high fidelity data streams from your OR and advanced algorithms to provide the current status of all operating rooms and tracking of efficiency metrics so you don’t have to rely on manual communication methods or data entry.

View details here


  1. Advisory Board Company, A smarter OR, 2014.
  2. Institute for Healthcare Improvement. Balas et al. Managing clinical change for healthcare improvement.

Key Features

  • Link behavior changes to desired outcomes
  • Support overall quality objectives
  • Standardize strategy and encourage best practices
  • Decrease IT reliance and workload
  • Support lung protection strategies
  • Reduce operation costs
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