CardIQ Xpress 2.0 Reveal

Anatomical, functional and perfusion information that supports quicker diagnosis.

Multi-slice detector CT technology has become a go-to modality for reliable, non-invasive, cardiovascular imaging. It's easy to use, accessible, and delivers diagnostically valuable data. Key to maximizing the benefits that this technology offers is using a post-processing and analysis tool tailored specifically for cardiac imaging.

CardIQ Xpress 2.0 Reveal is an easy to use, efficient way to display, reformat, and analyze 2D or 3D cardiac CT images for qualitative or quantitative assessment of heart anatomy and coronary arteries from a single or multiple cardiac phase image data set. When used with SnapShot Freeze images created on select GE CT Systems, CardIQ Xpress 2.0 Reveal can automatically process and display motion-blur reduced images of coronary anatomy.


  • Non-invasive alternative to help in the diagnosis of coronary artery disease.
  • Simplifies workflow.
  • Extract, render, and display 2D/3D coronary vasculature tree images with one-click automatic vessel tracking.
  • Automated display of motion blur-reduced SnapShot Freeze processed images.
  • One-click functional cardiac evaluation.
  • Measure coronary artery vessels to include stenosis, density of stenosis, and length of stenotic area.


CardIQ Xpress 2.0 Reveal 

Key Features
  • Fully integrated post-processing package for assessing cardiac morphology, coronary artery viability, relative perfusion, bypass graft patency, post-intervention follow up, and functional assessment.
  • Lets you automatically render data for streamlined reading, including:
    • 3D rendered heart
    • Angiographic view
    • Tree VR
  • Ejection fraction
  • Features color enhanced perfusion defect pattern recognition allowing you to detect ischemic heart disease.
  • Allows you to automatically reformat standard axial CT images of single or multiple cardiac phases in short, long, and two chamber long axis views for easy review.
  • With on click, lets you perform cine functional cardiac evaluations to view multiphase beating heart images.
  • PlaqID enhances the Hounsfield Unit values of plaque components and provides a customizable color map.
  • One-touch angiographic view lets you display the coronary vessel tree and myocardium by automatically removing the heart chambers to provide a cath comparative view.
  • Transparency model lets you visualize the coronary arteries in relation to the heart chambers, with the ability to fade the chambers out.
  • Provides 4D aortic and mitral valve views with one click.
  • You can automatically extract the left ventricle with selection of ES and ED for ejection fraction and volume measurements.
  • Oblique reformat provides views in the standard cath angles for easy analysis of the coronary vessels.
  • You can load multi-phase images, review the data, and decide which phase or phases will be reviewed for further processing by dropping the non-essential phases.
  • Allows you to register images from different cardiac phases into a unique combined data set, which can be saved as a 3D object or used for further analysis.

Intended Use
CardIQ Xpress 2.0 is intended to provide an optimized non-invasive application to analyze cardiovascular anatomy and pathology and aid in determining treatment paths from a set of Computed Tomography (CT) Angiographic images. CardlQ Xpress 2.0 is a CT, non-invasive, image analysis software package, which aids in diagnosing of cardiovascular disease to include, coronary artery disease, functional parameters of the heart, heart structures and follow-up for stent placement, bypasses and plaque imaging. CardlQ Xpress 2.0 offers unique tools such as automatic tracking, which will pre-process the CT data into multiple viewing ports to allow for an expedited read time improving workflow. With CardlQ Xpress 2.0 the user can color code the myocardial tissue to show hypo/hyper-dense areas in the myocardial tissue of the heart. With the IVUS-like view the user can -color code the HU units of the plaque to better visualize the difference between calcified and non-calcified plaque in the wall of the vessel and the lumen to determine the amount of atherosclerosis. The user can see the different valve planes along with a variety of new layouts to align the heart. The IVUS-like view is created by applying GE's Volume Rendering on a cross-section perpendicular to the detected centerline. This view merely displays a cross section as in IVUS imaging and color codes like IVUS images. No new or additional diagnostic information is added.

CardIQ Xpress 2.0 is for use on the AW Workstation, CT Scanner, PAC or Centricity stations, which can be used in the analysis of 2D or 3D CT angiography images/data derived from DICOM 3.0 CT

Product line
  • AW Advanced Visualization
  • AW Server
Compatible devices
  • AW Workstation
  • AW Server
Regional availability
  • US
  • Canada
  • English
Product Tags
MRHCD-USCardiologyApplicationImaging & Visualization

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