Dedicated cardiac visualization, analysis, and reporting.

Quantifying, qualifying, summarizing, and reporting cardiac functions observed during Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) studies are crucial components for devising effective cardiac therapy protocols. Evaluating the results of MR exams and including as muchrelevant information as possible in your reports can also significantlyimpactyour workflow. A software program that enables analysis of key cardiac parameters from one station would help make your reports to referring physicians more comprehensive and streamline your department’s workflow.

By enabling efficient analysis of key cardiac parameters, CardiacVX from GE Healthcare allows for more comprehensive reports and a streamlined workflow.

CardiacVX enables you to import MR images into your AW Workstation where you can use a range of reproducible tools for reviewing & reporting. CardiacVX provides you with the capability to access multiple studies and multi-slice, multi-phase images, which can be displayed in cine mode to facilitate visualization. The program’s report input interface includes measurement tools that let you quickly and reliably complete clinical reports of an imaging exam.


  • Cardiac function analysis enables measurement and analysis of cardiac parameters like stroke volume and ejection fraction.
  • Flow analysis
  • Time Course analysis
  • StarMap analysis

Key Features

  • Cardiac Function Analysis enables you to measure and calculate common cardiac parameters including stroke volume and ejection fraction.
  • Flow analysis offers a semi-automated edge detection algorithm that detects vessel boundaries through all phases of a phase contrast series.
  • The myocardium evaluation tool provides you with a semi-automated way to segment areas of high signal intensity visualized on delayed enhancement images.
  • StarMap analysis lets you analyze cardiac multi-echo fast gradient echo data sets.
  • TimeCourse analysis gives you a semi-quantitative signal intensity analysis tool to assist in evaluating arrival times, peak times, slope values, and signal intensity ratios in endocardial and epicardial layers.
  • Patent foramen ovale analysis helps you detect and assess the Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO).
  • Guided workflows are intuitive, easy to learn, and simple to use.
  • Compile a database of normal reference values keyed to age group, sex, or BMI/BSA
  • A flexible, customizable report template system lets you generate reports specific to the needs of referring physicians.
  • Customizable macros let you write a patient-specific report with point-and-click simplicity.
  • Multi-vendor support lets you analyze and evaluate function and myocardium images from multiple MR systems. You can also compare images from different series, studies, and patients.

Intended Use
The GE CardiacVX for MRI is an analytical software tool, which provides reproducible tools for the review and reporting of medical images. CardiacVX can import medical images from a MR system and display them in a viewing area on the computer screen. The viewing area allows the access to multiple studies and series of multi-slice, multi-phase images. Multi-phase sequences of images can be displayed in a cine mode to facilitate visualization. 

A report input interface is also available. Measurement tools on the report interface make it possible to quickly and reliably fill out a complete clinical report of an imaging exam. Available tools include: point, distance, area, and volume measurement tools such as ejection fraction, cardiac output, end-diastolic volume, end-systolic volume, and volume flow measurements. 

Semi-automatic tools are available for left ventricular contour detection, valve plane detection, vessel contour detection for flow analysis, signal intensity analysis for myocardium and infarct sizing measurement, and T2 star analysis. 

The results of the measurement tools are interpreted by the physician and can be communicated to referring physicians. 

When interpreted by a trained physician these tools may be useful in supporting the determination of a diagnosis.

Product line
  • AW Advanced Visualization
Compatible devices
  • AW Workstation 4.4 or higher
Regional availability
  • US
  • Canada
  • English
Product Tags
MRHCD-USCardiologyApplicationImaging & Visualization

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