Automated spine labeling with curved reformat generation to improve ease of reading and reporting

Bone VCAR provides an automated spine labeling application based on a deep learning model. It can identify and label segments of the spine or the entire spine in a matter of seconds. 

Additionally, let Bone VCAR generate the curved reformats of the spine along with the perpendicular oblique views to easily see the true cross section of the vertebral bodies and disc spaces. Utilize these time saving features to assist in your reading experience. 

Bone VCAR can also improve the reporting efficiency for identifying and remembering key landmarks that are included in the report dictation.

Key Features:
  • Automated vertebrae labeling in 5 seconds or less for volumes of 300mm or less
  • Deep learning application trained on global datasets acquired with a broad range of acquisition parameters achieving >90% labeling accuracy
  • Automated generation of a 3D trace to generate curved reformat views
  • Automated generation of oblique views perpendicular to vertebral bodies and disc spaces
  • Accessible for any exam type: trauma, oncology, dedicated spine, general imaging
  • Accessible with all workflows
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Product line
  • AW Server
  • AW Workstations
Compatible devices
  • AW Server 3 2 or higher
  • AW 4 7 Ext 12 with VV14 0 Ext 6 or higher
Regional availability
  • English
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