Body View

An innovative way to analyze time series data from body studies.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of the body yields valuable information that is useful in determining a diagnosis. But processing time series data can complicate workflow and reduce productivity. Body View streamlines the review of MR body images.Overview

Body View provides algorithms, tools, and workflows for processing time series data acquired in the body. It also calculates parametric images from contrast enhanced images based on the temporal evolution of signal intensity.


  • Integrated with READY View for access to its tools and applications.
  • Offers two advanced protocols: MR Standard and Signal Enhancement Ratio (SER).
  • Guided workflows for time series data processing.
  • Custom workflows and applications with adaptable layouts, adjustable parameter settings, and custom review steps.
  • Create time curve graphs and color parametric images.
  • Automatic selection of the most relevant protocols. Provides a graphical interface to display time or functional curves.
 Body View
Key Features
Mr Standard (top) and SER (bottom) application work areas showing source images, functional images, and graph view.
  • Optimizes workflow with access to READY View from - PACS workstation, AW Workstation, or PC.
  • Provides a simple workflow allowing for review and manipulation of acquired images (MIP, MPR, 3D) and processing & fusion of functional data.
  • Provides a fully customizable workflow based on adaptable layouts, adjustable parameter settings, and custom review steps.
  • Features a one-touch protocol to select and process functional data.
  • Easy to use slide bars enable real-time parametric image calculation and segmentation.
  • Wizard helps define pre- and post-enhancement image ranges or wash-in and wash-out image ranges. Settings are synchronized with the graphical interface for easy range definition.
  • Automatically calculate color parametric images based on changes in image intensity over time and after adjusting the noise threshold.
  • Segment functional maps by clipping min. and max. values.
  • Automatically change window width and level, and adjust parametric color for optimum clinical case demonstration.
  • MR Standard enables analysis of T1 or T2 contrast changes. Parametric images generated include:
    • Enhancement integral (EI)
    • Time to peak (TTP)
    • Mean time to enhance (MTE)
    • Maximum slope of increase (MSI)
    • Maximum slope of decrease (MSD)
  • Automatically determine type of enhancement (positive, i.e. T1 contrast, or negative, i.e. T2 contrast) based on source image pulse sequence name.
  • Signal Enhanced Ratio (SER) lets you analyze T1 contrast changes. Images provided include:
    • Signal Enhanced Ratio (SER)
    • Maximum slope of increase (MSI)
    • Positive enhancement integral

Body View


Intended Use
BodyView is an image analysis software that allows the user to view and process MR images of the body.

Product line
  • AW Advanced Visualization
Compatible devices
  • Volume Share 5
Regional availability
  • US
  • Canada
  • English
Product Tags
MRHCD-USRadiologyOrthopedicsVascularApplicationImaging & Visualization

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