Thoracic VCAR

A comprehensive evaluation of CT lung exams.

Thoracic VCAR with GSI Pulmonary Perfusion provides tools to help efficiently extract more information from your CT Chest acquisitions when evaluating a variety of pulmonary disease processes. The GSI Pulmonary Perfusion feature allows you to take advantage of GSI acquisition techniques to evaluate the distribution of iodine throughout the lungs to help identify variations of relative perfusion distribution. Thoracic diseases that may be associated with changes in perfusion include Pulmonary Embolism or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. The Thoracic VCAR Analysis protocol allows you to evaluate abnormal Hounsfield ranges within parenchyma and provide detailed quantitative results of airway sizing to referring physicians, which may be useful is assessing various thoracic diseases. Thoracic VCAR provides the visual and quantitative outputs to enhance your imaging reports with details that can help referring physicians in the assessment of thoracic disease.  
Key Features
  • Basic review provides an overall view of the lungs immediately after application launch.
  • Parenchyma analysis tool automatically segments lungs and airways.
  • Lobe segmentation provides measurements related to the individual lung lobes.
  • Airway analysis automatically segments and tracks the airways and displays the results for analysis.
  • Compare mode allows you to load two exams for disease progress comparison.
Product line
  • AW Advanced Visualization
Compatible devices
  • AW 4 7 Ext 12 with VV14 0 Ext 6 or higher
  • AW Server 3 2 or higher
Regional availability
  • English
Product Tags
CTPneumologyApplicationImaging & Visualization

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