AW CT Perfusion 4D

CT Perfusion 4D is a fast, easy-to-use automated software for analyzing Perfusion images related to stroke or tumor angiogenesis.

For any organ where blood perfusion is of interest, Perfusion 4D is a complete package to quantitatively provide the necessary information to help guide treatment decisions.  

The protocol-driven design leads the user step-by-step through the process, reducing keystrokes and improving repeatability. Get the information you want quickly and reliably.

CT Perfusion 4D is a simple user interface and automated perfusion post-processing helps you to diagnose quickly and accurately – and assists you in making treatment decisions more confidently. GE leverages its deconvolution expertise, with its innovative delay correction algorithm. CT Perfusion 4D is also capable of providing classic color overlays with quantitative measurements to evaluate myocardial perfusion.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic myocardial perfusion maps
  • Improved IQ of functional maps in presence of noise
  • Improved processing times
  • Improved ROI mirroring for brain protocols
  • Streamlined workflow for tissue classification

Computed Tomography

CT Perfusion 4D - CT Brain Stroke Part I - Review Settings & Set Symmetry

 CT Perfusion 4D - CT Brain Stroke Part II - Review Functional Maps

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Product line
  • AW Advanced Visualization
Compatible devices
  • AW Server 3.2 Ext 3.3
  • AW Workstation V4.7
Product number
  • B77231PZHD
  • Volume Viewer 15 Ext 2
Regional availability
  • English
Product Tags
CTPACSCardiologyNeurologyOncologyApplicationImaging & Visualization

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