Setting the standard for vascular reporting.

Vascular diseases, from cardiovascular conditions and peripheral vascular disease to pulmonary vascular disease, are among the most prevalent health issues in the world today. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Computed Tomography (CT) are important tools for visualizing the vasculature and diagnosing vascular diseases. Reporting MR and CT study results to referring physicians accurately and in a consistent format is essential to initiating effective vascular disease therapy. Detailing and communicating various findings can consume a great deal of your time. A program that allows for quick and easy itemization of results, includes relevant images and statistics, and generates clear reports can streamline workflow and provide valuable information for devising a therapy plan.

AngioCARD facilitates reporting of MR and CT results with predefined and customizable descriptors, anatomy schematics, and an editable reporting window. With AngioCARD, work flow becomes more streamlined and reports can be more consistently formatted, appear clearer, and contain more relevant information.


  • Generate consistent, detailed reports.
  • Include movies and still images in several common formats.
  • Archive reports or cine images in a DICOM format.
  • Edit results and clinical notes and print, export, or save reports in electronic form.
  • Streamline workflow for greater reporting efficiency.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Customize reports to include valuable information such as acquisition technique, stenosis severity, and vascular schematics.

Key Features

  • Generate uniform, site-specific reports.
  • Print or export reports in electronic format with the AW CD/RW drive.
  • Include still images and movies in your reports.
  • Archive reports in DICOM format so they can be viewed outside the AngioCARD application.
  • Predefined and customizable descriptors enables the inclusion of patient history, exam information, acquisition techniques, stenosis severity, findings, and impressions for standardized, fast reporting.
  • Using AngioCARD in conjunction with standard AW 3D visualization tools lets you switch seamlessly between reporting and viewing the vascular exam.
  • Generate preliminary reports to review and edit.
  • Window features buttons at the top to guide you through report generation sequentially.
  • Pre-defined, customizable exam schematics to streamline your reporting process even further.
  • Degree of vessel stenosis is automatically displayed on the schematic after a severity descriptor is selected from the Findings window. Modify the descriptors and save them in user accounts for each reporting physician.
  • Include reformatted CT and MR images in your report with AngioCARD’s dedicated image interface window.
  • Preview and sign off on the report, including export features and printing specifications, with the Preview Report window.
  • Archive reports or print using a postscript printer. Save PDF versions to CDROM or save them as HTML with embedded movies using the Export option.
Intended Use
AngioCARD is software designed to facilitate vascular reporting and to generate reports with schematics and images for MR and CT vascular studies for the reffering physician. AngioCard can import medical images from a medical imaging device and display them in a viewing area on the workstation screen. The software provides users with customizable tools to conduct efficient reporting on MR and CT images. Available tools include the selection of vascular schematics to aid in the reporting process. The results of the reporting application are interpreted by the physician and can be communicated to referring physicians. When interpreted by a trained physician, this application may be useful in diagnosis.
Available languages
Product line
  • AW Advanced Visualization
Compatible devices
  • AW 4.2 or higher
  • All approved AW postscript printers are compatible
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MRHCD-USCardiologyApplicationImaging & Visualization
Available languages
Available languages

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