Accipio Ix™

Provides automatic identification/detection, notification, acceleration, and prioritization of suspected ICH.

MaxQ AI® is at the cutting-edge of innovative Medical Diagnostic Artificial Intelligence. We aspire to make a meaningful impact on stroke, head trauma, and traumatic brain injury (TBI) treatment across the world driven by the question “what is the cost of a missed intracranial hemorrhage (ICH)?”. By developing comprehensive artificial intelligence software platforms that are seamlessly and securely integrated across acute healthcare indications, we strive to help empower care providers with solutions to make faster, more accurate decisions. Our first platform of medical devices, ACCIPIO®, which means “to learn” in Latin, uses artificial intelligence for assessment of non-contrast head CT for intracranial hemorrhage (ICH) detection. We envision revolutionizing acute care and treatment with the help of world-class clinical partners and state-of-the-art technology. MaxQ AI is globally influencing the new era of AI-empowered care, one that will provide access to expert-level insights across the diagnosis, prognosis, and therapeutic pathway, to make an important difference in patients’ and physicians’ lives.

Accipio Ix is the first solution of MaxQ AI’s ACCIPIO ICH and Stroke Platform with INSIGHTthat provides automatic identification/detection, notification, acceleration, and prioritization of suspected ICH. It is FDA Cleared, CE Marked, IMOH Approved, TGA Approved. Accipio Ix integrates into a comprehensive, seamless, and secure workflow to augment acute care teams with deep clinical insight and actionable data in minutes to enable care providers across the world to make rapid and accurate assessments in any location, at any time for acute head trauma, TBI, and stroke symptomatic patient care needs.

Key Features

  • Trusted Results: Provides highly accurate auto-processing of the DICOM adult non-contrast head CT images with suspected ICH using artificial intelligence for prioritization and triage of intracranial hemorrhage.
  • Powerful Simplicity:  Auto-returns rapid case-level summary report of a suspected intracranial hemorrhage to any DICOM compliant CT terminal or PACS worklist, informing if a suspected hemorrhage has been detected.
  • Absolute Zero™: Zero clicks to ACCIPIO® results. Zero need to leave workflow. Zero stored PHI. Zero change to original series. No onsite IT integration required. Seamless from the Start™.
  • Rigorously Tested: Class II FDA Cleared medical device. CE Approved. ISO 13485 certified manufacturer. GDPR compliant. Supports HIPAA compliance. ISO 27001 Information Management Security certified.
  • Flexible Deployment, SPAN™: Maximum flexibility, rapidly deployed on major OEM CT and PACS, on-premises, and cloud-capable design. Able to grow with your CT and PACS. 
MaxQ AI Overview US
The Impact of AI on Stroke Treatment: Interview with Dr. Navdeep Sangha of Kaiser Permanente – US.
MaxQ AI RSNA 2019 Symposium – Highlights of "AI: Delivering on the Promise" US

Country availability
Austria Denmark Finland Germany Luxembourg Netherlands Norway Sweden Switzerland "United Kingdom" Israel Australia USA US

Product line
  • Centricity PACS with Universal Viewer
  • Edison™ Open Orchestrator
Compatible devices
  • Centricity PACS
  • Centricity Universal Viewer
  • Edison Open AI Orchestrator
  • CT Revolution
  • CT Revolution EVO
  • CT Digital
  • Accipio 2.1v
Regional availability
  • US
  • Selective EU
  • Selective APAC
  • Selective EGM
  • English
Product Tags
CTPET/CTPACSNon-GE AppEdison Open AI OrchestratorHCD-USNeurologyRadiologyStrokeApplicationArtificial Intelligence

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