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A deep-learning based spine assesment application. Automated spine labeling with curved reformat generation to improve ease of reading and reporting....Learn more
Carestation Insights
Carestation Insights is a cloud-based suite of analytics applications that analyzes breath-to-breath perioperative data to find actionable insights that help clinicians drive improved outcomes....Learn more
Carestation Insights Agent Cost
Carestation Insights Agent Cost application helps you to drive low flow anesthesia strategies that can reduce agent waste in the OR, resulting in both cost savings and reduction in your environmental impact. ...Learn more
Carestation Insights Checkout
The Carestation Insights Checkout application helps support your quality and operations goals by providing a view of the anesthesia machine checkout status across your department to ensure readiness for the start of surgery....Learn more
Carestation Insights Lung Protection Ventilation
Carestation Insights Lung Protection Ventilation application supports the implementation of your lung protective ventilation strategy that can reduce post-operative complications by providing the visibility you need to effectively drive change. ...Learn more
Carestation Insights OR Workflow
The Carestation Insights OR Workflow application supports your OR efficiency initiatives by leveraging high fidelity data streams from your OR and advanced algorithms to provide the current status of all operating rooms and tracking of efficiency metrics so you don’t have to rely on manual communication methods or data entry....Learn more
Centricity™ Universal Viewer
Web-based radiology and cardiology diagnostic viewer for Centricity PACS (picture archiving & communication system) and Edison Datalogue (vendor neutral archive). ...Learn more
Critical Care Suite
Critical Care Suite* automatically analyzes images upon acquisition on a GE x-ray system, for critical findings (pneumothorax), producing triage notifications to be send directly to PACS without having to route images to an edge server or cloud AI solution. ...Learn more
CT Perfusion 4D
CT Perfusion 4D is a fast, easy-to-use, automated software for analyzing Perfusion images related to stroke or tumor angiogenesis....Learn more
CT Smart Subscription
A CT that keeps getting better....Learn more
CT Smart Subscription - Base Package
Get the latest reconstruction package available for your CT and our metal artifact reduction technology. ...Learn more
CT Smart Subscription - Cardiology Package
Improve reliability, repeatability and images for complex cardiac imaging procedures. Always be among the first to receive the latest cardiac imaging applications for your CT....Learn more
CT Smart Subscription - Neurology Package
Provide fast and efficient workup of stroke. Always be among the first to receive the latest neurology applications for your CT....Learn more
Enterprise system for the management of patient radiation exposure and contrast dose from medical imaging procedures....Learn more
Edison Open AI Orchestrator
Edison Open Al Orchestrator facilitates quick deployment and management of Al and non-AI based clinical applications in enterprise imaging workflows. ...Learn more
Edison™ Datalogue™
Edison Datalogue is a Vendor Neutral Archive solution that image-enables your EMR to provide holistic patient imaging and multi-media patient records to help enhance clinician productivity and patient outcomes....Learn more
Edison™ Datalogue™ Connect
75 Day evaluation of Edison Datalogue Connect that can help with COVID-19 is available. GE Healthcare is providing access to Edison Datalogue Connect, our image sharing and collaboration tool for use during the COVID-19 pandemic. Edison Datalogue Connect is designed to be a multi-purpose, secure, patient data collaboration solution....Learn more
FastStroke provides a comprehensive workflow solution for reviewing stroke workup images with exceptional flexibility, simplicity and performance....Learn more
Hepatic VCAR
Hepatic VCAR provides a complete reading workflow solution for identifying liver lesions, obtaining liver volumes, associating vasculature to corresponding lesions and sharing the results with surgeons and referring clinicians....Learn more
Imaging Insights
Built on GE Healthcare’s Applied Intelligence platform, Imaging Insights provides comprehensive, actionable insights across modalities (MR, CT, X-ray, US, etc.) and multiple vendors by merging data from the machines and the Radiology Information System (RIS). ...Learn more
Imaging Protocol Manager
Imaging Protocol Manager (IPM) is a cloud-based, multimodality, protocol-management solution that provides access, insight, and governance to standardize protocols on medical imaging devices, helping to decrease variance and improve imaging consistency....Learn more
Interventional Cardiology Insights
Interventional Cardiology Insights is a powerful, easy to use analytics solution that connects directly to Centricity™ Cardio Workflow data to provide rich, key actionable insights to help Cardiovascular Service Line Directors and Interventional Cardiology Managers manage complexity in operations and inventory management within interventional cardiology care areas....Learn more
MUSE™ ECG Insights
MUSE™ ECG Insights can help you optimize your cardiology service line to improve clinical and financial outcomes....Learn more
PROView offers a guided workflow to assess multi-parametric MR prostate exams....Learn more
SIGNA™Works AIR™ Edition Advanced Package
Ascend to the next generation of MR with the Advanced SIGNA™WORKS AIR™ Edition Package. Unlock the potential of AIR™ Technology with the DV28 software upgrade, AIRx™, and AIR™ Anterior Array....Learn more
SIGNA™Works AIR™ Edition Package
Ascend to the next generation of MR with the SIGNA™WORKS AIR™ Edition Package....Learn more
Smart Scheduling
Helping you predict the unpredictable. There's a new normal in radiology and scheduling matters more than ever. GE Healthcare helps your practice stay more efficient by predicting no-shows before they even happen with AI-driven Smart Scheduling....Learn more
TAVI Analysis
Automatically segments the aorta and displays the aortic valve in multiple views for quick and easy measurements of the annulus....Learn more
X-Ray Quality Application
X-ray Quality Application is an on-premise enterprise solution for mobile or fixed x-ray systems, which collects, aggregates, and reports quality assurance data from multiple vendors- providing an intuitive and user-friendly experience that enables users to visualize trends and create targeted training solutions....Learn more
4D Auto AVQ
Automatically segments, aligns and quantifies the aortic outflow tract - vital to device sizing and orientation for TAVI/TAVR procedures....Learn more
4D Auto LAQ
This semi-automatic surface detecting algorithm helps clinical users get fast, reproducible and accurate 4D quantification of the left atrium, acquired with 4D TTE probes. ...Learn more
4D Auto MVQ
Supporting TTE or TEE images, this package helps visualize and quantify the mitral valve via a semi-automatic, surface-detecting algorithm....Learn more
4D Auto RVQ
This package helps visualize and quantify the right ventricle in TTE images via a semiautomatic, surface-detecting algorithm. ...Learn more
AutoBone & VesselIQ Xpress
Fast routine analyses and simplified studies of routine CT angiography exams....Learn more
Blood Speckle Imaging
Available for pediatrics as well as transesophageal echo (6VT-D only), BSI, which reduces the angle dependency and aliasing issues of conventional color flow, provides a graphical representation of the trajectories of the blood cells....Learn more
Centricity™ Perinatal
Centricity™ Perinatal is a proven and industry leading software solution for specialized documentation and fetal surveillance in the Perinatal care areas. ...Learn more
Centricity™ Perinatal Connect Module
The Centricity™ Perinatal Connect module is software that helps clinicians make faster, more informed decisions to help mitigate risk and allow more time to focus on mom....Learn more
Centricity™ Universal Viewer Native Breast Imaging
Native Breast Imaging is an optional upgrade to Centricity™ Universal Viewer that supports mammography screening and diagnostic workflows – removing barriers to efficiency, while helping radiologists achieve their goal of high quality patient care....Learn more
Centricity™ Universal Viewer Zero Footprint
GE Healthcare’s Centricity™ Universal Viewer Zero Footprint (ZFP) connects advanced diagnostic tools and system-wide image management platforms across the care continuum to help healthcare organizations improve diagnostic speed and confidence. ...Learn more
Dual Energy Subtraction
In less than a few seconds, Dual Energy Subtraction helps the detection of abnormalities that may have been obscured by bones in a conventional radiograph. ...Learn more
MR VesselIQ Xpress
Vessel analysis made flexible....Learn more
Myocardial Work
Introduces new and less load dependent parameters based upon the results obtained with AFI (longitudinal strain) by accounting for the systolic blood pressure measured at rest immediately prior to the echo exam, as well as the MV and AV opening and closure times. ...Learn more
OnWatch is a preventive maintenance solution from GE Healthcare, designed to proactively limit disruptions of imaging systems before they occur and provide a better diagnosis of early system failures....Learn more
Accipio Ax™
Provides automatic, rapid, highly accurate slice-level annotation & prioritization of suspected ICH....Learn more
Accipio Ix™
Provides automatic identification/detection, notification, acceleration, and prioritization of suspected ICH....Learn more
ClearRead™ CT
ClearRead CT automatically detects and measures properties of solid, part-solid, and ground-glass nodules, suppressing normal structures in chest CTs to reduce nodule search time and improve the accuracy of nodule identification....Learn more
ClearRead™ Xray
ClearRead™ Xray features the Riverain patented ClearRead Xray Bone Suppress AI software that transforms a chest Xray into a soft tissue image, providing unprecedented clarity....Learn more
IB KOALA™ CE marked
Measures radiographic signs of knee osteoarthritis...Learn more
Measures radiographic signs of knee osteoarthritis....Learn more
Diagnostic triaging of the most common radiographic hip features....Learn more
For measurement of leg length discrepancy and detection of knee alignment deformities....Learn more
Instantly assess child maturation and predict height potential....Learn more
icobrain ms
icobrain ms leverages AI to help radiologists assess subclinical MRI metrics and enable the early prediction of disability progression and treatment response in MS...Learn more
INVIA Corridor 4DM Personal PET with CFR Option software
Corridor 4DM provides multiple 2D and 3D polar maps for volumetric visualization and provides information to help with the assessment of cardiac function....Learn more
Invivo® DynaCAD® Breast Software
Invivo DynaCAD Breast software has been tailored to enhance your breast imaging workflow by providing a large flexible workspace with custom hanging protocols, multi-vendor viewing capabilities and configurable worklists for easy breast study management....Learn more
Invivo® DynaCAD® Prostate
Invivo DynaCAD Prostate empowers radiologists with a comprehensive set of advanced visualization tools for real-time analysis, review, and reporting of prostate studies....Learn more
Koios DS™ Breast
Koios DS™ Breast is the first of its kind FDA-cleared cancer diagnosis software applying AI to breast ultrasound image classification and reporting. Koios DS works as an expert on-demand second opinion for improved accuracy in classifying suspicious lesions and aligning computed risk to a BI-RADS rating and prepopulating diagnostic reports....Learn more
AI solution for chest x-ray analysis that detects 9 abnormal radiologic findings with 97-99% accuracy....Learn more
NordicNeuroLab nordicBrainEx
nordicBrainEx is an advanced visualization and processing software, with specific focus on providing algorithms designed to analyze functional MRI data of the brain. ...Learn more
TBS iNsight™
TBS iNsight™—an advanced, imaging software for bone densitometers (DXA)— enhances the ability to predict osteoporotic fracture risk....Learn more
Volpara® Density
Volpara® Solutions offers a multi-vendor suite of volumetric breast imaging tools designed to enhance clinical decision making and the early detection of breast cancer....Learn more
Advantage 4D
Efficient and accurate visualization and assessment of respiratory induced motion with fast 4D image reconstruction....Learn more
Advantage CTC Pro3D
Efficient reading workflow solution for colonic lesion detection. ...Learn more
AdvantageSim MD
An efficient, accurate, and integrated virtual simulation software suite....Learn more
Setting the standard for vascular reporting....Learn more
Visualize vascular flow. A Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA) generates an array of vascular flow data. Comparing and synthesizing information contained from different sequences to arrive at a confident diagnosis may be difficult and time consuming....Learn more
FLIGHTPLAN FOR LIVER: Liver embolization, simplified...Learn more
Body View
An innovative way to analyze time series data from body studies. ...Learn more
Brain View
Integrated with the READY View platform, Brain View offers advanced techniques designed for easy and confident analysis of information from a variety of MR brain-specific imaging data sets....Learn more
Fast, easy fMRI analysis....Learn more
Streamlined post-processing for enhanced electrophysiology procedures....Learn more
Dedicated cardiac visualization, analysis, and reporting....Learn more
CardIQ Function Xpress
Real time cardiac review the instant you’re ready to read. ...Learn more
CardIQ Fusion
Fusion of cardiac physiological and anatomical information right before your eyes....Learn more
CardIQ Physio
A comprehensive view of myocardial perfusion and function....Learn more
CardIQ Xpress 2.0 Reveal
Anatomical, functional and perfusion information that supports quicker diagnosis....Learn more
CARESCAPE™ Central Station v2.1
Designed for space optimization and workflow efficiency, the CARESCAPE™ Central Station transforms an ordinary central station into a clinician-centric workstation. ...Learn more
Centricity™ Cardio Enterprise
Centricity™ Cardio Enterprise* an integrated Cardiovascular PACS (CVPACS) and Information System (CVIS) that bridges the gaps between cardiovascular service lines to provide a single point of access for patient data, waveforms, image analysis and physician reporting – combined with powerful end-to-end management, analytics and workflow tools. ...Learn more
Digital Expert
Digital Expert is virtual and live clinical training through a mobile tablet, at your pace and skill level, on your LOGIQ™, Vivid™, Voluson™ equipment, in your department, and most importantly on your schedule....Learn more
Dynamic Shuttle
Bone free visualization of vascular anatomy....Learn more
Embo ASSIST with Virtual Injection
Simulate your embolization procedure with Virtual Injection...Learn more
Encompass is a web-based, cloud deployed, Real Time Location System used to track, manage and analyze location data for the mobile assets....Learn more
Perform endograft procedures in one go....Learn more
GSI Viewer
Aids in confident diagnosis with easier workflow....Learn more
For lung nodule analysis -automatic visualization, measurement, reporting and follow-up....Learn more
Motion VUE
High definition 3D Imaging....Learn more
MyGEHealthcare Mobile
MyGEHealthcare enables real-time information that can help you to optimize asset operation management and provides full visibility to service activities....Learn more
Robust tools for routine Oncology diagnosis, treatment follow-up, reporting and clinical trial management....Learn more
OnWatch NP®
OnWatch NP® is a vendor-agnostic, cloud-based network performance analytics solution, helping you get actionable data and comprehensive visibility to better manage wired and wireless devices on your network....Learn more
Comprehensive PET oncology analysis solution with multi-modality and multi-time metabolic and anatomic evolution comparison....Learn more
Quantified MR image analysis to help enable accurate, confident diagnoses....Learn more
GE Healthcare’s Skeye is a cybersecurity solution for networked medical devices, backed by proactive monitoring—across networked medical device end points—regardless of manufacturer....Learn more
SmartScore 4.0
Advanced imaging software that detects, quantifies, and scores cardiac calcium plaque burden. ...Learn more
Stroke VCAR
Stroke VCAR provides a simplified workflow solution to help analyze and assess intracerebral and subdural hematomas aneurysms....Learn more
Thoracic VCAR
A comprehensive evaluation of CT lung exams. ...Learn more
Tube Watch
Tube Watch is GE Healthcare’s predictive solution that is designed to remotely monitor and predict tube failures before any disruption occurs and repairs systems remotely or at a more convenient time....Learn more
Volume Viewer
GE Healthcare’s premium 3D Advanced Visualization and Image Processing platform brings you powerful capabilities to help you visualize and interpret your multi-modality imaging data with confidence and ease....Learn more
Vscan Extend™ Auto Optimize App
Enables automated time gain compensation (TGC) with a single keystroke during live scanning....Learn more
Vscan Extend™ Bladder Volume App
A flexible, protocol enabled measurement tool for calculating urinary bladder volumes....Learn more
Vscan Extend™ Comprehensive Label App
Wirelessly exported jpg files and mpg clips can be complemented by patient identifiers and scan information, as suggested by ultrasound documentation standards such as AIUM and DEGUM....Learn more
Vscan Extend™ Lung M-Mode App
Provides the M-mode capability specifically to support lung assessment and documentation of signs like seashore....Learn more
Vscan Extend™ Lung Protocol App
A protocol to navigate you through a systematic lung ultrasound exam....Learn more
Vscan Extend™ LVivo EF
Calculates ejection fraction, end-systolic and end-diastolic left ventricular volumes by automated edge detection of the left myocardial wall using an apical 4-chamber view....Learn more
Vscan Extend™ Protocol Creator App
Enables users to create a customized exam script that will guide them through an ultrasound image acquisition protocol for a Vscan Extend™ exam....Learn more
Vscan Extend™ Scan Coach FATE App
A protocol of standard ultrasound imaging views and reference materials to perform a systematic FATE exam. ...Learn more
Vscan Extend™ Scan Coach FCU App
A protocol of standard ultrasound imaging views and reference materials to perform a systematic evaluation of the heart at the point of care. ...Learn more
Vscan Extend™ Scan Coach RHD App
A protocol to help user obtain images and data to assess the presence of Rheumatic Heart Disease....Learn more
Vscan Extend™ Screen Mirror App
Share and collaborate with other healthcare providers and patients by mirroring the Vscan Extend™ display onto wireless displays in the vicinity....Learn more
Vscan Extend™ Tricefy™ Uplink App
Archive and share images from your Vscan Extend system with Tricefy™ integrated cloud-based solution....Learn more